Genomics Core

Genomics has become a common term in contemporary culture. Most people understand it to be a term associated with genes, genetics, or DNA; the set of instructions which lie at the heart of every cell. The Genomics Core at the Buck Institute has had a long standing tradition of providing access to a suite of technologies for interrogating fundamental processes of aging relating to gene expression. As one of the three initial cores established when the Buck Institute was founded, the Genomics Core has played a vital role in helping shape investigations in the basic molecular biology of aging, from assisting in the investigation of how specific drugs can extend lifespan in simple model organisms such as the nematode C. elegans, to facilitating studies in various animal models of age-related disease.

The goal of the Core is to assist Buck faculty in their genomic investigations of aging and age-related disease by providing access to key technologies which empower research into specific paradigms an investigator is pursuing. Sometimes this entails routine evaluation of gene expression in a tissue or organism, or other times high-throughput molecular assays involving thousands of samples. Whatever the goal of the researcher, the Director of the Core, Dr. Simon Melov, has a broad and deep experience in the investigation of basic processes of aging and age-related disease in multiple organisms and tissues. As Core Director, he can provide assistance in both framing questions of interest in terms of available technologies, as well as the analysis of high dimensionality data-sets which typically arise from genomic studies.

Please contact Dr. Melov for more information about services the Core can provide.

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