Postdoctoral Training

The Buck Institute administers an NIH-sponsored postdoctoral research training program in basic aging research and age-related disease. The program provides postdoctoral fellows with stipends to work in any of the laboratories at the Buck Institute, and selected laboratories at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Stanford University and the University of California in Berkeley.

Information about the program and how to apply for support is given  below.

NIH Training Grant T32 AG000266

The current and future increase in the aged population will require extensive research to understand the underlying mechanisms responsible for age-related diseases and aging. It is, therefore, important to train young scientists in modern research disciplines that will promote excellent basic and translational aging research that will enhance the development of novel therapeutics to improve health in the aging population. Understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for aging and age-related diseases requires knowledge and experience in the design of optimum research strategies and state-of-the-art integrated and interdisciplinary research approaches. This training program provides postdoctoral fellows with advanced research training in modern disciplines, including functional genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, molecular biology, cell biology, bioenergetics, chemical screening, microanatomy and powerful cellular and animal models.

The proposed training for fellows at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley provides unique faculty expertise.

Trainees will gain knowledge in basic aging mechanisms, and age-related diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, sarcopenia and others. Trainees will gain skills in critical thinking to evaluate new research findings. In addition, trainees will receive instruction in written and verbal skills to enrich their publications, grant proposals, and oral presentations. Ongoing seminar series, basic science and clinical lectures, well-organized journal clubs, and research meetings will provide up-to-date information and intellectual cross-fertilization. 


The primary home of the training program is the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, located in Novato, California. Postdoctoral trainees may work under the primary supervision of any Buck Institute faculty or selected faculty at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Stanford University or the University of California in Berkeley (UCB). The research will be conducted at the location of the primary preceptor. Please see the list below for eligible preceptors and apply directly to the preceptor.  

Applicants should select a preceptor from the list below:


Name Title Affiliation Email address
Ames, Bruce Professor UCB
Andersen, Julie A. Professor Buck Institute
Artandi, Steven Associate Professor Stanford University
Christopher Benz Professor Buck Institute
Brand, Martin   Professor Buck Institute
Bredesen, Dale Professor Buck Institute
Brunet, Anne Associate Professor Stanford University
Campisi, Judy Professor, Senior Scientist Buck Institute, LBNL, PI of grant
Chang, Howard Professor Stanford University
Chen, Danica Assistant  Professor UCB
Chua, Katrin Assistant Professor Stanford University
Conboy, Irina Assistant Professor UCB
Cooper, Priscilla Senior Scientist LBNL
Ellerby, Lisa Associate Professor Buck Institute, co-PI of grant
Gibson, Brad       Professor Buck Institute
Greenberg, David  Professor Buck Institute
Huang, Ting-Ting Associate Professor Stanford University
Hughes, Robert  Associate Professor Buck Institute
Jagust, William (Bill) Senior Scientist, Professor LBNL, UCB
Jasper, Henri Professor Buck Institute
Kapahi, Pankaj  Associate Professor Buck Institute
Kaufer, Daniela Associate Professor  UCB
Kennedy, Brian Buck CEO and Professor Buck Institute
Kim, Stuart Professor Stanford University
Lamba, Deepak Assistant Professor Buck Institute
Lithgow, Gordon Professor Buck Institute
McMurray, Cynthia Senior Scientist  LBNL
Melov, Simon Associate Professor Buck Institute
Ramanathan, Arvind Assistant Professor Buck Institute
Rando, Thomas A. Professor Stanford University
Tainer, John Senior Scientist LBNL
Yaswen, Paul Scientist LBNL
Zeng, Xianmin   Associate Professor Buck Institute


Individuals wishing to apply for a position on this training grant should contact a preceptor on the list -- send the preceptor a CV, cover letter, and a list of three references. The preceptor will then submit an application to the Training Program.


1) Quality as determined by publications, awards and recommendations, commitment to a career in basic aging and/or age-related disease research, and relevance of the training project to aging or age-related disease.
2) Collaborative projects between one or more preceptors, particularly inter-institutional projects, will be given special consideration.
3) As required by NIH, trainees must be US citizens or permanent residents. Please verify. 

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