Past Community Seminars

"A Plan to Stay Vital, Productive and Healthy for a Lifetime"
October 1, 2016
Rammohan Rao, PhD
John B. Arden, PhD

"Kidney Health & Aging: Stones, gout, and Type 2 diabetes."
September 26, 2015
Dr.Pankaj Kapahi
Marshall Stoller, MD

"An Update from The Marin Woman's Study: How the Interplay of Genes, Hormones and Life Events Points to a New Prevention Strategy for Breaast Cancer"
September 20, 2014
Dr. Christopher Benz
Lee Ann Prebil, PhD

"Managing Vison Disorders: Where is the Research Going?"
September 28, 2013
Deepak Lamba. MBBS, PhD
Yvonne Ou, MD 

"The Science of Caloric Restriction: What’s to Be Gained, What’s to Be Learned?"
June 5, 2013
Pankaj Kapahi, PhD
Paul McGlothin 

"Making Old Bones New! Where Do We Stand?"
April 11, 2013 view online
Simon Melov, PhD
Clifford Rosen, MD

"From the Lab to the Bedside: What’s New in the Quest for Healthy Aging?"
December 4, 2012 view online
Brian Kennedy, PhD
Jordan Shlain, MD 

"Medicine Gets Personal: How Science Is Changing the Way You Receive Care"
September 29, 2012 view online
Sean Mooney, PhD
Nigam Shah, MBBS, PhD 

"The Future of Regenerative Medicine: What's Aging Got To Do With It?"
May 1, 2012 view online
Brian Kennedy, PhD
Victoria Lunyak, PhD
Xianmin Zeng, PhD
Deepak Lamba, PhD

"Exercise: The Real Cure for Aging"
February 18, 2012 view online
Simon Melov, PhD, Buck faculty
George Brooks, PhD, UC Berkeley faculty

"Global Healthcare in the Face of Rising Chronic Disease: The 'Can't Do' Attitude Toward Prevention"
December 8, 2011 view online
Brian Kennedy, PhD, Buck CEO and President
Joseph Antoun, MD, Buck Adjunct Professor of Health and Public Policy

"Skin Deep: Putting Our Best Face Forward as We Age"
September 17, 2011 view online
Judith Campisi, PhD, Buck faculty
Ervin Epstein, MD, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute

"New Hope for the Alzheimer's Community: Combining the Power of Science and Advocacy"
May 12, 2011 Mill Valley Community Center
Dale Bredesen, MD, Buck faculty
Douglas Rosenberg, Retired San Francisco real estate developer 

"Stress Less: What Scientists Have Discovered About the Deep Connection Between Stress, Aging and Health (and what we can do about it!)"
March 26, 2011 view online
Gordon Lithgow, PhD, Buck faculty
Thea Singer, author "Stress Less" 

"Understanding the Mystery of Aging: Treating Disease and Extending the Healthy Years of Life"
Tuesday November 30, 2010
Brian Kennedy, PhD, CEO and President

"Keeping Your Memory: The Latest on Alzheimer's Disease and Its Prevention"
September 28, 2010 view online
Dale Bredesen, MD, Founding CEO and Faculty member

"Myths and Realities of an Aging Society"
June 14, 2010 view online
Special guest: John R. Rowe, MD, Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
In 1985, while on the faculty at the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rowe convened a special meeting of gerontology experts to formulate a plan that ultimately resulted in the establishment of the Buck Institute. Dr. Rowe also served as the first Chair of the Buck Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board and subsequently served as a member of the Buck Institute’s Board of Trustees.

"Cardiovascular Disease and Aging"
March 4, 2010 view online
David Greenberg, MD, PhD, Vice President for Special Research Programs

"The Buck Institute's Top Ten List: Tips for Healthy Aging"
December 1, 2009 view online
A discussion led by Buck faculty Gordon Lithgow, PhD, featuring Buck Institute Scientists

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